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Built In Email Templates

BoltMail includes over 60 free professionally designed email templates.

We can also design custom templates to your requirements. Learn about custom email template design >>

Available built-in templates are shown below. To use a template, simply select it when creating an email campaign.

Basic Template 1 (Basic)

Basic Template 2 (Basic)

Basic Template 3 (Basic)

Basic Template 4 (Basic)

Basic Template 5 (Basic)

Furniture (1 Column) (Business)

Generic 1 (1 Column) (Business)

Generic 1 (2 Columns) (Business)

Generic 2 (1 Column) (Business)

Generic 2 (2 Columns) (Business)

Generic 3 (1 Column) (Business)

Generic 4 (1 Column) (Business)

Generic 4 (2 Columns) (Business)

Generic 5 (1 Column) (Business)

Generic 5 (2 Columns) (Business)

Generic 6 (1 Column) (Business)

Generic 7 (1 Column) (Business)

Generic 8 (1 Column) (Business)

Generic 9 (1 Column) (Business)

Global (Business)

Law (1 Column) (Business)

Law (2 Columns) (Business)

Medical (Business)

Meeting Place (Business)

Scientific (1 Column) (Business)

Scientific (2 Columns) (Business)

Sunset (Business)

Tech Head (Business)

Technology (1 Column) (Business)

Technology (2 Columns) (Business)

Electronics (1 Column) (Electronics)

Childs Play (Family and Friends 1)

Family Fun (Family and Friends 1)

Floral (Family and Friends 1)

Friendship (Family and Friends 1)

Gift (Family and Friends 1)

Lounge Around (Family and Friends 1)

People (1 Column) (Family and Friends 1)

Childs Play (Family and Friends 2)

Community (1 Column) (Family and Friends 2)

Community (2 Columns) (Family and Friends 2)

Crowds (Family and Friends 2)

Family Fun (Family and Friends 2)

Floral (Family and Friends 2)

Friendship (Family and Friends 2)

Gift (Family and Friends 2)

Lounge Around (Family and Friends 2)

People (1 Column) (Family and Friends 2)

Youth (1 Column) (Family and Friends 2)

Youth (2 Columns) (Family and Friends 2)

Generic Newsletter (Fashion)

Generic Promotion (Fashion)

Movie (1 Column) (Film)

Citris (1 Column) (Food)

Citris (2 Columns) (Food)

Coffee Break (Food)

Juicey (Food)

Salad (1 Column) (Food)

Black and White (Gaming)

Boxed (General)

Centered (General)

Elegant (General)

Simplicity (General)

Tranquil (General)

History (Hobbies)

Photo Crazy (Hobbies)

History (Hobbiest)

Photo Crazy (Hobbiest)

Brass Drums (Music)

Star (1 Column) (Music)

Star (2 Columns) (Music)

Church (1 Column) (Religious)

Church (2 Columns) (Religious)

Holiday (2 Columns) (Seasonal Events)

Spring Break (Seasonal Events)

Art and Framing (Shopping Cart)

Arts and Crafts (Shopping Cart)

Automotive (1 Column) (Shopping Cart)

Baby (Shopping Cart)

Beauty (Shopping Cart)

Bodybuilding (Shopping Cart)

Books (Shopping Cart)

Computers (Shopping Cart)

Cosmetics (Shopping Cart)

Default Blue (1 Column) (Shopping Cart)

Electronics (1 Column) (Shopping Cart)

Entertainment (1 Column) (Shopping Cart)

Fashion (1 Column) (Shopping Cart)

Fashion Jewellery (Shopping Cart)

Flowers (Shopping Cart)

Food (1 Column) (Shopping Cart)

Furniture (Shopping Cart)

Gadgets (Shopping Cart)

Garden Furniture (Shopping Cart)

General (1 Column) (Shopping Cart)

Gifts (Shopping Cart)

Handbags (Shopping Cart)

Healthy Living (1 Column) (Shopping Cart)

Homewares (1 Column) (Shopping Cart)

Infinity (1 Column) (Shopping Cart)

Jewellery (Shopping Cart)

Kitchenware (Shopping Cart)

Lingerie (Shopping Cart)

Luggage (Shopping Cart)

Nightwear (Shopping Cart)

Office Supplies (Shopping Cart)

Outdoor Adventure (Shopping Cart)

Perfume (Shopping Cart)

Pets (Shopping Cart)

Shoes (Shopping Cart)

Skincare (Shopping Cart)

Software (Shopping Cart)

Sports (1 Column) (Shopping Cart)

Sunglasses (Shopping Cart)

Surfwear (Shopping Cart)

Toys (Shopping Cart)

Watches (Shopping Cart)

Wine (Shopping Cart)

Ball Sports (Sports)

Car Racing (1 Column) (Sports)

Fit and Well (Sports)

Sports (1 Column) (Sports)

Sports (2 Columns) (Sports)

Generic (1 Column) (Trade)

Keep Truckin' (Trade)

Beach Paradise (Travel and Tourism 1)

Country Escape (Travel and Tourism 1)

Travel (1 Column) (Travel and Tourism 1)

Travel (2 Columns) (Travel and Tourism 1)

Vacation (1 Column) (Travel and Tourism 1)

Vacation (2 Columns) (Travel and Tourism 1)

Winter Wonderland (Travel and Tourism 1)

Beach Paradise (Travel and Tourism 2)

Country Escape (Travel and Tourism 2)

Travel (1 Column) (Travel and Tourism 2)

Travel (2 Columns) (Travel and Tourism 2)

Vacation (1 Column) (Travel and Tourism 2)

Vacation (2 Columns) (Travel and Tourism 2)

Winter Wonderland (Travel and Tourism 2)
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