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Winter 2017

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 What’s happening at our place.....

Well Daylight saving has passed us by and those log dark nights await us.

Given the weather at the moment, one wonders when winter will arrive. Unseasonal is the word to say the least. Calendar the 24th September for Daylight saving start…

We look forward to a positive and prosperous coming three months working with you. Enjoy the winter you snow bunnies.

PS. See I didn’t mention politics!!!


For those of us showing a little maturity, you will fondly remember the national flag carrier, National Airwaysnac-70th-anniversary small.png Corporation. In late May they will be holding their 70th reunion. Approx. 350 ex staff are expected to attend a weekend of remembrance. 

Nepal/ NZ Flag

We produced these recently for the NZ Nepal Association coinciding with the visit of the leadernepal-nz-flags.png of the Nepalese people... in exile. A great little souvenir for the visiting dignitaries.

Maadi Cup

Our congratulations go to both Diocesan School for Girls (Auckland) and to St Andrew’s College (Christchurch) both winners in the finals of this years prestigious rowing event, the “8’s”. Well done!   

Gore is the place to be!!

Last time we produced some wonderful guitar badges, this time it is a trout badge for the Visitor Centre. Two things Gore is famous for… country music and fishing.  

  GA's Fishing Report
line of fish.jpg

Winter fishing on the horizon? Given the unpredictable weather we have had lately, it is no wonder the poor fish are not more confused. We should have the water temps starting to drop, but we still have 18-20 degrees which has led to good catches of fish just about everywhere.
Marvellous what a good storm or two can do for the fishing.

Two reports… limit of snapper (good sized) caught off the Tairua Wharf after Easter and some lucky beggars caught some 16lb snapper in the Whangarei Harbour. Don’t you just love it when you hear of such “tails”.

Take care and happy safe winter fishing! 


“Just like the Original”
Pictured is an example of the 15th Northland Regiment cap badge
we recently produced. Cast in bronze, this is just like the original.

Harbour Softball

Pictured is a souvenir pin we produced for the Association which hosted the NZ Masters Games Softball at Rosedale Park recently. It is a  great little pin that is in all corners of the globe now. 
Something to put on your Tam o’ shanter!
Do you know what it is? It’s the traditional Scottish bonnet worn by men, and we produced the latest run for the Canterbury Caledonian Society. They came complete with military screw back fittings. Try losing these!

New Plymouth Competition Society

A big warm welcome to our newest Dance Competition customer. Pictured are a variety of badges recently produced for the N.P. Comp Society.

A Bit of History... An Empire Games medal                         archivist - winter 17 photo.jpg

 With all the recent talk of the Master’s Games, The Archivist‘s attention was recently drawn to a handsome heavy bronze medal for the 1938 Empire Games.

This medal belonged to a friend whose grandfather won it for wrestling.
Although not made by Badgemakers, the medal is a beautiful example of the die-maker’s art, showing the main sports competed for.  Oddly enough, Badgemakers DID produce some medals for the 1950 Empire Games and The Archivist at one stage had a lovely cycling medal in his possession.

Held at the Sydney Cricket Ground, it opened on 5th Feb and closed on the 12th with 15 nations and 464 athletes competing in 71 events. New Zealand gained 5 gold medals, 7 silver and 13 bronze medals. A
ll the more remarkable when you consider that “professional sport” hadn’t even been thought of back then.

Next year will mark the 80th anniversary of the 1938 Empire Games so see if you have one of these in your possession. There won’t be many of them around!

Yours in history

The Archivist

Did you know?

1. The longest flight made by a paper plane is 69.14m.

2. Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world’s lakes combined.

3. A queen bee lays up to 1500 eggs per day.

4. Fish cough.

5. Building a house from Lego would cost 6 times more than building it from real bricks.

6. In Brazil, prisoners can reduce their sentence by 4 days for every book they read and write a report on.


Firstly thank you very much for the medals and plaques. They were very appreciated and we had a lot of compliments about them came through.
Regards, Will
Tuakau Volunteer Fire Brigade Jubilee Committee

Yes all received. Looked great on the retirement trophy.
Regards, Stuart
Macmonkey Made

They arrived safely yesterday afternoon. They look good.
Thanks, Gordon
Glendowie College

mussell soup.jpg
     - 250 gm fish fillets
     - 4 cups water
     - 400 gm can tomatoes in juice
     - 2 tbsp butter
     - 1 tea curry powder
     - ¼ cup dry white wine
     - 1 chicken stock pod
     -  2 tsp tomato paste
     - ¼ dried basil
     - 16 – 20 fresh cleaned  mussels (gently steam open)
     - Pepper
     - 200 gm crème fraiche
     - Chopped parsley

1. Bring fish to boil then simmer 10mins in large saucepan. Remove, flake reserve liquid.
2. Drain & chop tomatoes, reserving juice.
3. In another saucepan, add curry powder to melted butter, add tomato paste, basil, chopped tomatoes & reserved liquids. Bring to boil uickly add mussels & fish, pepper, lastly stir in crème fraiche. Garnish with chopped parsley.

Our Weekend 

3 months on an we have just finished our tomato harvest, and the remnants of the beetroot crop. New plantings await us...how does your garden grow - pineapple small.jpg

Pictured are our home grown pineapples, a wild species from the cooler mountainous areas of the Andes. They are very spikey, so weeding is a blood sport… believe me! They grow readily in Northland and Auckland, and reach maturity in approx. 2 years.

Our handy hint for this edition is our tried and true bird scarer. The good old CD strung up on a length of fishing line, waving in the breeze is a sure way of keeping those birds from the ripening fruits.

Not much in the garden at the moment so we’ll update you with next edition.

Pete & Jan.

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