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Summer 2017



What’s happening at our place.....

What a year, and only just over 2 weeks to go. This time last year I was writing about Donny and Brexit, well he’s still there and they haven’t left. We have been blessed with "Jacindamania" and a minority government but “the people have spoken”… yeah right. Good old Winnie.

The world is a crazy place and the last 3 months have certainly been “testing” especially with that nice little bloke in North Korea playing with his rockets. Mad Bob is finally gone and our own Lizzie and Phil have celebrated 70 years of marriage.

Wishing you all a fantastic break over Christmas and New Year period. Thank you for your business and support this year, we look forward to working with you all in 2018! 


We would like to introduce you to two of our new Team members.

Brooke, our trainee manager has recently joined our team after a two year stint in the UK

Our other new team member is Lily who looks after our accounts dept as well as general inquiries.

We are sure you will find them most capable of attending to all your needs

70 Years Old – VW KOMBI

vw 1.jpgEuropean Motors Distributor has bought in a limited edition run of 20 vehicles to mark the 70th Anniversary of the iconic KomBi Van. We were asked to brand each vehicle with exterior badges and a personalised interior badge


Rainbows Endrainbows-end.png
If your children are off to Auckland’s famous fun park on their birthday, odds are on they will be given on of our latest; a great looking 75mm button badge. 

   kristen alumni-2017.png                                                   

Kristin Alumni

A great little momento to remember those years at secondary school, not appreciated by all at the time, most come to cherish this later on in life. Well done students of 2017.


NZ Ukulele
This year’s design for last weekend’s national competition is a corker, 1500 were produced. A great little button badge!

sir peter blake_kermadec.png

Sir Peter Blake Foundation
Next year 100 or 180 lucky young adventurers are off to the Kermadec Islands. Pictured is this years pocket patch. What a trip of a life time!


Pictured are our two latest creations for the “World” famous fashion brand. The little red hearts were client giveaways. Thanks Francis and Benny.

west coast motor cycle 20yrs.png
Bottled Lightning Rally
Another milestone in motorcycling, a new badge was struck for Andrew to mark the occasion of 20 years rallying on the West Coast of the South Island in Reefton.

Well done guys and girls.


In 1900, retired members of the Imperial & Colonial Forces formed the NZ Empire Veterans Assn. Under the patronage of Lord Ranfurly members were issued with a bronze medal in the form of a Maltese Cross surrounded by a wreath of laurel leaves. 117 years later we have produced the same medallion and bar for this organisation.




Westlake Girls High School is proud to have their student Silvia Brunotti become the youngest winner of the NZ Women's Amateur Golf Championship at just 14 years old. Maybe we have another Lydia Ko in our midst? 

  GA's Fishing Report
line of fish.jpg

The last 3 months has seen some pretty good fishing overall, especially if the number and variety of fish pins sold of late are anything to judge by. The West Coast has been “smoking hot” as the 40-60m mark for those brave enough to venture across the “bar”.
Fish are moving in closer now with spawning so we can expect fickle fishing. Remember it’s not where you are but WHEN you are, so just keep plugging away.

I know you say he’s like a stuck record but have you checked, the following with the break coming up… Rego, WOF, tune up, life jackets, flares, EPIRB, rod and gear? And while we are talking safety don't forget your local volunteer Coastguard,they do a wonderful job so lets support them.

Happy Summer fishing!

Crystal is back.

lenox vase 1.jpg  No it's not Waterford (been and gone) but an equally  comparable brand from the USA, Lenox. The vase pictured is called Adorn and stands 10"/250mm high.
 Also available to order are Versace vases in 3 sizes190,280 & 400mm .             

“Working for the Government”

While there are probably more than a few jokes in this title, The Archivist (who did work for the NZ Govt in a misspent youth…) thought that it would be interesting to look back to a period to when it was a matter of pride to be “On Government Work”.

archivist - summer 17 photo.jpgSo think of the First World War and the idea that anyone not “in khaki” was a “shirker or a slacker” and it was very important to be seen to be doing something for the “war effort”.

It therefore became necessary to identify men who were helping to win the war and what better way than a badge. Badge wearing was a much greater part of daily life 100 years ago and it was very normal to show if you belonged to a club or what you were doing for work.

So here is but a SMALL selection of badges that were worn to show your dedication to the cause

Many were “official” badges, but the vast majority were produced on behalf of private companies to show who their workers were. The “unofficial” badges ceased to be recognised after 1916, with the introduction of conscription but their legacy lives on today to provide an interest for social historians.

Yours in history,

The Archivist

Did you know?

kiwi egg.png 

1. With more than 400, New Zealand has more golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the world.

2. When the Kiwi lays eggs, they are 20% of the mother’s body. That would be like a 60kg human mother, giving birth to a 12kg baby. Ouch!

3. Ketchup was sold as medicine in the 1830's.  

4. If you search for “askew” in Google, the contents will tilt slightly to the right.

5. In Alaska it is illegal to whisper in someone’s ear while they are moose hunting

6. Honey is the only food that never expires. The same honey that was buried with the pharaohs in Egypt is still edible.

I was fortunate to win some of those Masters rowing medals last weekend; they’re very nice, thanks for the good job
Cheers, Frank
Rowing NZ Masters Medals

Received other badges for Papatoetoe thank you very much thrilled with them!
Cheers June
Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
I have received the medals. Thanks so much for the awesome medals and your service. I really appreciate your efficient work!
Kind regards, Yoko 
Gisborne Harriers

Christmas canapés (Santapés!)
by Chealsea Winter

I used ‘Tomatoberrys’, which are a bit bigger than cherry tomatoes and have a great shape. Cherry tomatoes will work fine though – you may just have to cut your cheese rounds a little smaller. Makes 12-14.


1 punnet ripe tomatoberries
1 pottle fresh small mozzarella or bocconcini balls
1 bunch fresh basil leaves
4-5 slices prosciutto, torn into small pieces (optional)
2 tablespoons balsamic glaze/reduction (use bought or make your own – see below)


Slice the tomato in two even halves. The top you’ve sliced will be the base. The pointed bottom is the ‘hat’ to go on top.
Slice a ball of cheese into even slices, and place a slice on the tomato base. Top with a piece of folded prosciutto, a basil leaf, and season with salt (and pepper if you like). Gently place the top on, holding it all steady as you insert the skewer to hold everything in place.
Squirt a small blob of balsamic glaze on to a platter (no bigger than a 5c piece). Gently place the Santa on top.
Repeat until all the ingredients are used up. Best served straight away but you can keep them in the fridge for an hour or so on a plate, and put them on the platter with the balsamic just before you serve.
Our Weekend 

petes garden.jpg Cherry tomatoes, snap peas, celeriac and beetroot are growing well. Freezers 1-6 are getting ready for the big day and the paddocks have already got cracks in them.

Bring on that Summer rain… except while we are on holiday.

Have a safe and enjoyable Xmas and have a happy New Year.

Pete & Jan

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