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Autumn 2013

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 What's happening at our place...
Just a couple of more weeks of daylight saving, then we will all be traumitised by the endless dark cold nights. No, in reality I think you will all agree a truly magnificient summer, with wonderful fine hot days have been endless. Alas farmers & croppers would disagree, the rain must come soon !A great start to the year, roll on next 3 months.
Peter, Janice, Karen, Lou, Brooke, Mark

 Graduation Memorabilia... academic dress hire group shot.jpg
pictured are recent additions to the Kate Edger Educational  Charitable Trust
 ... aka
Academic Dress Hire, the # 1 provider of premium academic regalia in Auckland. These wonderful items of memorabilia will compliment their range of existing Kate Edger Rose Hood pins.  
check out        www.academicdresshire.co.nz

line of fish.jpg  G A's Fishing Report

 Who needs to travel many a mile in search for the elusive snapper, just hop on a fishing charter from Z Pier in Westhaven. Four of us , recently ventured upon one of these charters. It was absolute delight to be fishing so close to the inner harbour(Cheltnam Beach) and catching fish, truly makes a differrence from the east coast Coramandel, travelling far and wide in search of N O T H I N G !!!

Audi Huffer....huffer 3.jpg

 no , not just an ordinary Audi A3, this has been personalised with it's own branding to create  an exculsive icon. We recently manufactured grille, boot & gearstick badges for a limited run of A3's for Giltrap NZ. They look wicked , even if we do say so...check out the pics

audi a3 huffer 3.jpg audi a3 huffer.jpgaudi a3 huffer 222.jpg


* Winston Peters resigns from parliment-1993,
   how come he is still there
*Richard Hadlee  - 100 lot of 5 wicket bags-20/03/90
*Black Caps 1st Test wicket Victory against South Africa- 22/03/04  

* Did you know 11% of people are left handed     
* Did you know most lipsticks contain fish scales 
* Did you know 8 % of people have an extra rib

Happy Birthday to.....
Lady GaGa - 28th March
Eddie Murphy - 3rd April
Diana Ross - 26th March 
 Quote of the Day....

 Chance is always powerful, let your hook always be cast, in the pool where you least expect it ,there will be fish

A Bit of History - 
The Yanks are coming!

The year was 1942 and New Zealand was facing the very real threat of invasion from Japanese forces who seemed to be unstoppable in their advance across the Pacific.  Britain was fully committed to campaigns in North Africa and the plans to take back Europe were beginning to take shape.  The message that New Zealand and Australia were “on their own” was, if not the official view, then one that was widely suspected.  Add to this the fact that the vast majority of New Zealand troops were overseas fighting.

Therefore the time was right for Uncle Sam to send his forces to the Pacific and take the fight to Japan. The “friendly invasion” that followed in 1942 transformed New Zealand in so many ways: new roads, new hospitals, new culture, new music, new fashion, new food, new everything!

The stories of the “Yanks” ordering “staik and aigs” and “cauffee” are well-known but who knew that they got their badges made here too?  Theo Meyer made badges for the US Navy (amongst other units) and Young & Co(Auckland) also produced this attempt at the USAF Aircrew wing.  At first glance it looks acceptable but on closer inspection, the eagle looks more Mickey Mouse than anything else.

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be looked at too closely...

Yours in history

The Archivist

Medallion Extraordinaire

pictured is the Vice Chancellors Commercialisation medal that we recently minted for the Auckland University. 3D, double sided and struck in bronze, complete with an antique finish, beautifully presented in a rimu plinth. This magnificient medal is awarded annually to the  person who has , while in NZ made an outstanding contribution to industry & society in particular for commercialisation or contract research. Up to  three medals are awarded each year.
auc uni 12073celresexc-78.jpgauc uni medal on stand.jpg

 badgemakers qr code.jpgQR Codes... 
the latest in IT developement have you thought about branding that award or memorabilia with your own QR code. We can laser it onto acrylic , wood, plastic or metal...enquire now!

Treasures unearthed... xmas holidays is a great time for factory cleanups. We discovered these unique badges during our annual shutdown. As you can see they date back to 1944, all coined in stg silver.
Classic examples of the period ..... for all you grandma's ,Berlie Bras  (softball)1945,  AGAA" circle ball" (netball) 1944, Auckland Catholic Basketball Assn  (netball) 1965

 badge 12.jpgbadge 32 2.jpgbadge 313.jpg

If you are staying home over Easter weekend , bake these yummy muffins and put in freezer so you have  a fresh muffin for morning tea  at work            muffin 1.jpg                              

Morning Glories

2 cups flour                 2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt                 1 cup sugar 
2 tsp cinamon             2 cups grated carrots
1/2 cup chopped nuts  1 apple (peeled & cored)
1/2 cup sultanas          1/2 cup coconut 

Beat together these last 3 ingredients
 3 eggs
1 cup salad oil
2 tsp vanilla                  

Stir  liquid mixture into the the above dry ingredients. Mix gently. Cook 20 mins 190c in muffin trays.

Badges here - thank you so much. Netball medals perfect
Again, you guys have delivered!! :)

AGC Sunderland

Thank you very much for the welcome back card and usb stick; it was a lovely surprise to open up today. We look forward to another busy year, and I am sure that I will be in contact with you again soon.
Westlake Boys' High School

I received the badges on Friday and want to say how pleased we are with the product. We will be presenting these next Monday and I know that our prefects are going to be very proud to wear them. Thank you for doing such a great job.
Kelston Intermediate School

Our Weekend...

 Three months have flown  by since our last edm. Our place is parched, ready for some steady rain, we might even have to resow some  lawn, lambs are gone,
freezer bound, the tomatoes at their end, so it's time to prep the garden for winter veges.
I managed a few  Ocean swims this summer season but I am sure Rangitoto  Island is  moving further away from the main land! Wish the easterlies would calm down.

Janice & Peter   

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