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BRACELOK® gains a significantly enhanced OSHPD OPM for GRIDLOK® seismic ceiling bracing system

“Our OPM certification is specifically designed for hospitals in California and is the ultimate test of a systems viability” said Scott Simpson, Chief Technical Officer. “We support all heavy-duty grid from Armstrong®, CertainTeed® and USG®."

The GRIDLOK® OPM preapproval for use in the California Hospital market, can be used to replace the current practice as outlined in OSHPD OPD’s.

The construction efficiencies available to designers, engineers and contractors are substantial. GRIDLOK® provides increased resilience, while using significantly fewer braces and connections, into the crowded plenum. This brings new economies in labor while improving the bracing outcome, and results in fewer inspection issues.
“Our objective in gaining this OPM was to provide an alternative to laterally wire braced ceilings , which is time intensive, exacting in terms of placement, and wires are not integrated with the required compression post. Wire stretches, giving inconsistent brace capacity, and a tendency to tear through grid in seismic events. It is troublesome to install, and does not have the capacity of GRIDLOK® even though it is a more expensive process to install”, states Simpson.
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“The proof is defined in the OPM, which allows 12ft x 12ft spacing of ceiling braces with GRIDLOK® up to an SDS rating of 1.38.
Wire bracing can only be used at 12ft x 12ft in SDS locations up to 1.15.
In higher SDS sites, wire is required to drop to 12ft x 8ft or even 8ft x 8ft spacing.
GRIDLOK® does not drop to 8ft x 8ft until the SDS is above 2.0 because of its superior capacity.
We have not found an OSHPD site in California that is 2.0 or above.  
The advantages to projects are clear; a mechanical connection to the ceiling system, ability to rotate the unit through 360 degrees, a total of only three connection points to the deck above, and placement anywhere on the main grid gives greater bracing choices, a stronger connection, all at lower installed cost.

“We are excited to have received this OPM, and we will shortly announce many new installations where GRIDLOK® is being used with major contractors in multiple Western States ” said Simpson.

GRIDLOK® is the dominant seismic ceiling brace solution in New Zealand and Australia.
It has been thoroughly tested under OSHPD supervision and has had 100% success in actual earthquakes up to a magnitude 7.8.

To review the detailed OPM for GRIDLOK® go to OPM-0544-19.
"This is the second OPM BRACELOK has received. OPM-0377-13 which pertains to bracing of partition walls is already successfully deployed in California and in Federal projects beyond California ” said Simpson.

“We liberate the plenum”©.

Cancelled conferences
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Due to disruptions caused by COVID-19, all future conferences and events have been canceled. This includes the ASHE show in San Antonio on March 22nd -23rd and AWCI/CISCA INTEX in Las Vegas on March 24th-25th. Our team continues to operate working remotely and we’re still able to offer online presentations and meetings and look forward to connecting soon.

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