1. questionWhat is an Autoresponder?
  2. questionMy contacts aren't receiving my email campaigns or autoresponders. How can I fix this?
  3. questionCan I automatically send out emails after a specific time, such as after an hour, or a day etc?
  4. questionIs it possible to send a reminder to unconfirmed contacts so they subscribe?
  5. questionI have set force unsubscribe and what does this do?
  6. questionI clicked 'Send to existing contacts' and only half my contacts received the email. What did I do wrong?
  7. questionCan I send out sequential emails (Autoresponders) when a user subscribes to my contact list?
  8. questionIs it possible to have different sender addresses/names on e-mails?
  9. questionIf a contact changes their details before an Autoresponder or Email Campaign gets sent will they still receive it?
  10. questionHow does the Scheduling Email work?
  11. questionCan I set the From, Reply-To and Bounce back email addresses?
  12. questionHow to setup an Autoresponder
  13. questionWhen I send a test email to myself the custom fields do not get replaced with the correct data.
  14. questionWhen I send a preview newsletter, the unsubscribe and custom fields don't show up. What's going on?
  15. questionIs it possible to download the list of individuals who have opened newsletters? If so, is there a way to do this for multiple newsletters within the same contact list?
  16. questionIs it possible to resend an email to a contact list but only to the contacts that have joined after I sent it first?
  17. questionCan I create an autoresponder that sends the new contact the latest email newsletter that is associated with the contact list that they've just signed up for?
  18. questionI just imported my HTML and do not see any images. Why?