Contact Lists
  1. questionIs there a way to send a single newsletter to seperate contact lists without generating duplicates if individuals are members of both lists?
  2. questionHow do I view a list of all Unsubscribed email accounts?
  3. questionWhat happens to my contacts when I add them to a banned email list?
  4. questionHow do I view my Contact Lists and Contacts once I have created them?
  5. questionIf we want contacts to have to 'verify' their email address before they are set to 'active' what do we need to do?
  6. questionI have made my subscription form only subscribe Text users but they are sent an HTML email. Why is this happening?
  7. questionHow do I choose which lists my contacts will be added to and which custom fields will appear on the form?
  8. questionIs it possible to download the list of individuals who have opened newsletters? If so, is there a way to do this for multiple newsletters within the same contact list?
  9. questionIf I send the one email to multiple contact lists and some one unsubscribes, what contact list are they removed from?
  10. questionHow do I check to make sure that my contact lists have legitimate contacts?
  11. questionI am manually adding contacts, but I can't find where to add their first name, last name etc?
  12. questionHow can I easily change my contacts from Text to HTML?
  13. questionWhen creating a form, how can I add a hidden field that will show up on the email notification that the list owner gets when a new contact joins an email list?
  14. questionSeperating First and Last Name in a CSV file using Microsoft Excel