Custom Fields/Mail Merge
  1. questionWhy do my custom fields not show up when I send a test email or autoresponder?
  2. questionHow can I add custom fields to my newsletters or templates created outside of the application, eg. in Frontpage or Dreamweaver?
  3. questionHow do I create a 'Send to Friends' link in my email campaigns?
  4. questionHow do I choose which lists my contacts will be added to and which custom fields will appear on the form?
  5. questionWhat are custom fields and why/how would I use them?
  6. questionDo you handle merging of information in order to send personalized e-mails?
  7. questionIf my contacts don't enter their first name what happens to their custom fields?
  8. questionWhy do my links to 'Send to Friends' and 'Modify Details' forms look wrong?
  9. questionCan I add custom fields to my Email subject lines?